Sunday, December 25

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas!

Lord Jesus Christ

The Christmas in the History

Thursday, December 22

Flower Beauty - Calendula

Calendula flower - this is from my roof-top garden. Calendula - Pot Marigold - Calendula officinalis (Binomial nomenclature).

Calendula Flower: Double-flowered cultivar

Calendula: Sun-Glow

Calendula: Night-view

Tuesday, December 20

House Myna

House Myna > Common Myna > Indian Myna > Shalik Pakhi in Bengali (শালিক পাখি).

Indian Myna

Shalik Pakhi

শালিক পাখি

Sunday, December 18

Picturesque - 4

This is the Part-III of my visit to Dakshineswar.


Panchabati Garden


Friday, December 16

Picturesque - 3

This is the Part-II of my visit to Dakshineswar.

Through Rani Rasmoni Shrine

Top of the Rani Rasmoni Shrine

Street Light

Wednesday, December 14

Dakshineswar - I

A visit to Dakshineswar, Dakshineswar Kali Temple (in Bengali - দক্ষিণেশ্বর কালী মন্দির). It is in the bank of the Hooghly river (গঙ্গা নদী) at Dakshineswar, just near Kolkata.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple
Dakshineswar Kali Temple – one of the famous Hindu Temple. The Deity herein is known as ‘Bhabatarini’, in Bengali ‘ভবতারিণী’. This is also famous for Sri Sri Ramakrishna - the renowned spiritual personality.

Official site of Dakshineswar Kali Temple:
For more information on Dakshineswar Kali Temple - Please CLICK HERE.

Shrine of Rani Rasmani
The Shrine dedicated to Loka Mata Rani Rasmoni, at the enclosure of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple.

Lord Shiva Temples
A partial view of the Shiva Temples - there are total 12 Shiva Temples. Lord Shiva is known by 12 different names in those 12 temples.

Sunday, December 11


The Cloud


Nature's Colour

Friday, December 9

Insects - 2

Insects again ...

Marigold & ...
Too Busy


Thursday, December 8

Sunday, December 4

Flower Beauty - Cosmos

The Great Magenta Colour!

Beautiful Cosmos Flower

Pollen Beauty

Cosmos and the insect

Friday, December 2

Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture
This I found on a old building wall in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), near Great Eastern Hotel - wall decoration.

A part of the wall decoration

Thursday, December 1

It's my Half-Century

This is my 50th Post here.


Happy to share my views and clicks!

Wednesday, November 30

The Symbol

I don't know the meaning, I found it in front of a main door of a flat.

The Symbol

Tuesday, November 29

The Petals

This is nothing but the petals of a Crape Jasmine.


Sunday, November 27

Under the Sky

The Pigeons - flying - as in the daily routine.


Saturday, November 26

Maa Durga

I posted this photo in my web-log RajendraHere. The story is there. Here is the photo only.

Maa Durga

Friday, November 25

Pranitaa again

It's Pranitaa again. Pranitaa, Petrel, Mammam, Tathoi, Misti - my sweet little daughter.

Thursday, November 24

The Overbridge

It's a railway overbridge. I took the shot on my mobile phone camera.

The Overbridge

Wednesday, November 23

Moss Rose

Moss Roses from my roof-top garden again. They are also called as 9 O'clock Flower.

Tuesday, November 22

Ready for riding

This shot was taken at Digha Sea-beach, West Bengal by mobile phone camera.

The Horses

Monday, November 21

The Hand

It's a mobile phone stand. It also works as an indicator of incoming call.

Mobile Phone Stand

Sunday, November 20

Carnation of India

Carnation of India

Crape Jasmine

Butterfly Gardenia

Saturday, November 19

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