Wednesday, November 30

The Symbol

I don't know the meaning, I found it in front of a main door of a flat.

The Symbol

Tuesday, November 29

The Petals

This is nothing but the petals of a Crape Jasmine.


Monday, November 28

The Interior

Sunday, November 27

Under the Sky

The Pigeons - flying - as in the daily routine.


Saturday, November 26

Maa Durga

I posted this photo in my web-log RajendraHere. The story is there. Here is the photo only.

Maa Durga

Friday, November 25

Pranitaa again

It's Pranitaa again. Pranitaa, Petrel, Mammam, Tathoi, Misti - my sweet little daughter.

Thursday, November 24

The Overbridge

It's a railway overbridge. I took the shot on my mobile phone camera.

The Overbridge

Wednesday, November 23

Moss Rose

Moss Roses from my roof-top garden again. They are also called as 9 O'clock Flower.

Tuesday, November 22

Ready for riding

This shot was taken at Digha Sea-beach, West Bengal by mobile phone camera.

The Horses

Monday, November 21

The Hand

It's a mobile phone stand. It also works as an indicator of incoming call.

Mobile Phone Stand

Sunday, November 20

Carnation of India

Carnation of India

Crape Jasmine

Butterfly Gardenia

Saturday, November 19

Friday, November 18

Rose Balsam

This is Indian Balsam - Impatiens balsamina – Garden Balsam, Rose Balsam.

In Bengali, it is called 'Dopati' (দোপাটি).  It can be found in different colours. Here are only red and pink, again from my Roof-top Garden.

The Bud

Bright Pink Flower

Bright Red Flower

Thursday, November 17

Picturesque - 2

What are all these?

The Surface

This is nothing but a part of the outer surface of my Desktop-CPU


Real spider came to crawl! While working, I found the spider on the computer screen.

Colourful Broom
As captioned, this is a part of a broom! colourful!

Tuesday, November 15

White Petals of Gardenia

Flower > Gardenia > White Petals

Milky White Petals

Monday, November 14

Sunday, November 13

Red Hibiscus

This is from my Picasa album : "Red Hibiscus"

Hibiscus ('জবা' in Bengali).

Saturday, November 12

From My Picasa Album - 1

This is from my Picasa album - "In a Foggy Morning".


The Marigold & ...
Sparrow & ...

Friday, November 11

Cathedral Church, Kolkata

Cathedral Church, B.B.D. Bag, Kolkata. 

Cathedral Church, Kolkata

Thursday, November 10

Wednesday, November 9

Tulsi - the Holy Basil

Tulsi (in Bengali : তুলসী) - also known as Holy Basil - Ocimum sanctum or Ocimum tenuiflorum.

Tulsi Flower

Tuesday, November 8

Jagadhatri Puja

The Hindu festival of worshiping Goddess Jagadhatri.

Jai Maa Jagaddhatri (in Bengali জগদ্ধাত্রী).

Maa Jagadhatri

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