Wednesday, November 30

The Symbol

I don't know the meaning, I found it in front of a main door of a flat.

The Symbol

Tuesday, November 29

The Petals

This is nothing but the petals of a Crape Jasmine.


Monday, November 28

The Interior

Sunday, November 27

Under the Sky

The Pigeons - flying - as in the daily routine.


Saturday, November 26

Maa Durga

I posted this photo in my web-log RajendraHere. The story is there. Here is the photo only.

Maa Durga

Friday, November 25

Pranitaa again

It's Pranitaa again. Pranitaa, Petrel, Mammam, Tathoi, Misti - my sweet little daughter.

Thursday, November 24

The Overbridge

It's a railway overbridge. I took the shot on my mobile phone camera.

The Overbridge

Wednesday, November 23

Moss Rose

Moss Roses from my roof-top garden again. They are also called as 9 O'clock Flower.

Tuesday, November 22

Ready for riding

This shot was taken at Digha Sea-beach, West Bengal by mobile phone camera.

The Horses

Monday, November 21

The Hand

It's a mobile phone stand. It also works as an indicator of incoming call.

Mobile Phone Stand

Sunday, November 20

Friday, November 18

Rose Balsam

This is Indian Balsam - Impatiens balsamina – Garden Balsam, Rose Balsam.

In Bengali, it is called 'Dopati' (দোপাটি).  It can be found in different colours. Here are only red and pink, again from my Roof-top Garden.

The Bud

Bright Pink Flower

Bright Red Flower

Thursday, November 17

Picturesque - 2

What are all these?

The Surface

This is nothing but a part of the outer surface of my Desktop-CPU


Real spider came to crawl! While working, I found the spider on the computer screen.

Colourful Broom
As captioned, this is a part of a broom! colourful!

Tuesday, November 15

Monday, November 14

Sunday, November 13

Red Hibiscus

This is from my Picasa album : "Red Hibiscus"

Hibiscus ('জবা' in Bengali).

Saturday, November 12

From My Picasa Album - 1

This is from my Picasa album - "In a Foggy Morning".


The Marigold & ...
Sparrow & ...

Friday, November 11

Cathedral Church, Kolkata

Cathedral Church, B.B.D. Bag, Kolkata. 

Cathedral Church, Kolkata

Thursday, November 10

Wednesday, November 9

Tulsi - the Holy Basil

Tulsi (in Bengali : তুলসী) - also known as Holy Basil - Ocimum sanctum or Ocimum tenuiflorum.

Tulsi Flower

Tuesday, November 8

Jagadhatri Puja

The Hindu festival of worshiping Goddess Jagadhatri.

Jai Maa Jagaddhatri (in Bengali জগদ্ধাত্রী).

Maa Jagadhatri

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